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About The Arts Bridge

The Arts Bridge is a project of Guangxi Normal University Press seeking to fuse art, design, technology, new media, and handicrafts to bring together east and west for mutual cultural appreciation. Guangxi Normal University aims to utilize its global publishing and distribution channels to introduce Chinese architects, artists, and artisans to the rest of the world, with The Arts Bridge acting as a powerful platform for Chinese art.

About ACC Art Books

Established in 1966, with over 50 years of experience, ACC Art Books is a respected publisher as well as an accomplished distributor of titles. Since its founding, ACC has engaged in publishing books on antiques, photography, landscaping, and other art-related topics.

The company has extensive resources in both Europe and the United States. As a distributor of art titles, ACC has distributed and sold books all over the world and has worked long-term with many publishers, including Images, Scala, Editions du Chene, Lannoo, Goodman Fiell, Pointed Leaf Press, and Glitteratti.

About Images Publishing

Images Publishing is a world-leading publisher of books about architecture, art, photography, and design. It specializes in lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed books. With a reputation for excellence and a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, it produces dozens of titles annually and works regularly with the world’s leading and emerging architects, artists, photographers, and designers to showcase their design vision, skill, and expertise. Its trove of books has showcased and influenced world architecture and design for more than four decades.

About Guangxi Normal University Press (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Guangxi Normal University Press (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was established in May of 2012.Our company’s publications primarily focus on humanities and social sciences, children’s education, architectural design, music, and other subjects. In addition, we also engage in hosting academic and cultural events. Our Shanghai company has already finished the early stages of mapping out a global structure fit for the modern publishing industry. Besides the main team located in Shanghai, we also have branches in Melbourne, London, New York City, and Singapore. Our subsidiary, Images Publishing, has produced many titles in architectural design gathering wide praise, especially from industry experts. Our mission here is to provide our readers with a high-quality reading experience from our carefully chosen titles as well as bring artists from China and the rest of the world together through Art Bridge and other projects.

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