A Hybrid Bookshop: The Arts Bridge Space

(Guangxi Normal University Press, Shanghai)

The Arts Bridge Space (TABS), located at Wisdom Bay Creative Industry Park in Shanghai, is a hybrid bookshop promoting a new lifestyle aesthetic. With its spacious indoor and outdoor areas, the space is designed in a post-industrial style, with art installations set against a backdrop of foreign language arts and design books. On sale are an array of books, artist prints, design products, furniture and beverages, with each item carefully selected for its creative ingenuity, in keeping with the identity of TABS. 


The opening of TABS marks a new venture in The Arts Bridge project, which began four years ago. With its foundations in publishing, The Arts Bridge is committed to strengthening cross border communication within art and design industries and has amassed wide ranging resources in both China and abroad. The newly opened space acts as a window for The Arts Bridge project and a meeting place of its resources, promoting transformation within the industry and greater international integration. 


Address: C-1270, Building 11, Wisdom Bay Creative Industry Park, 6 Wenchuan Road, Baoshan District, SHANGHAI

Phone: 13003218275