The Arts Bridge Further Promotes International Communication of Arts and Designs

Frankfurt Book Fair, being one of the most celebrated and influential book fairs in the world, started on October 10th. This is the second time for the "going global" project of Guangxi Normal University Press to show itself in the book fair. Abundant activities, the exhibition stand of modern sense and an interactive project of VR virtual museum made the white-based Chinese stand remarkable and unique.

Brand strategy facilitates the "going global" process of publish industry with international perspective and global channels

A small size reception facing worldwide publishers was held at 5 p.m., October 12th. CEO of ACC Publishing Group and The Images Publishing Group, James Smith introduced the new released BAI, Made in Shanghai and Cacaform Birds to the world. Meanwhile, authors of the new books Bai Ming, Wei Shaonong and Zhu Yingchun also shared with the audiences their creative concepts and artistic ideas.


Creates brand image of Chinese artists

The western world is paying much passion and attention to porcelain and China is also watching at the west and the world. All this is rooted in the vitality and peculiarity of this era. In the day when electronic technology is well-developed, presenting the work by printing books is actually the meaning for ACC and The Arts Bridge to publish this book.

—Bai Ming, the Artist of the Year 2019



During 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair, The Arts Bridge started the promoting work for its "Annual Series" project. Zhu Yingchun, Chinese famous designer and the first winner of "The Artist of the Year" award, brought his work The Language of Bugs to the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair and had been shining during the fair. In the just finished Beijing International Book Fair, the winners of "The Arts Bridge Annual Series of the Year 2019" were announced. Made in Shanghai wins the Annual Honour of the Year 2019, ceramist Bai Ming wins the Annual Artist of the Year 2019, and the winner of Annual Designer of the Year 2019 is Zhang Yonghe, the world famous architect.


In the interactive area, VR virtual museum attracted many visitors. Exhibitors in Made in Shanghai were presented in this special way so that the western audiences were able to know Chinese designs well.


Over forty years of reform and opening up, China has nurtured thousands of excellent designers and artists. The Chinese elements and spirit delivered by their art works are worth spreading worldwide. They are the Chinese and they are the world. 

Transformation and upgrading of publishing industry

On October 11th, at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Kauls Klemp, curator of Museum of Applied Art, President of Guangxi Normal University Press (Shanghai) Liu Guanghan, Dean of School of Design of East China Normal University Wei Shaonong and Professor of East China University of Science and Technology Shenyu visited the museum and exchanged ideas related to art communication and book publishing. Mr Wei Shangnong proposed to hold an exhibition of modern Chinese industrial design works in Museum of Applied Art and at the same time, invited Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp to conduct academic communication in China.


"This is the sense of mission and pride of Chinese publishers", said by Mr Liu Guanghan, president of Guangxi Normal University Press (Shanghai) when receiving the interview in the book fair. Meanwhile, he indicated that the rich business opportunities discovered during the propelling and development of The Arts Bridge project provide the press a wide space for industrial development and upgrading.