The Arts Bridge: An Active, Innovative and Open Platform for Cross-boundary Cultural Communication

On August 21st, on the 26th Beijing International Book Fair, Guangxi Normal University Press’s "Go Global" project, The Arts Bridge held a conference for the new season of Annual Series. This is the third year of the project choosing BIBF as the start of the global promotional tour for China's outstanding artists and designers. At the conference, CEO of ACC Publishing Group James Smith announced the list of the Annual Series for the Year 2020. Winner of Artist of the Year Xu Bing, Designer of the Year Jamny Yang, Honor of the Year Kanjian & Dadawa, founder of Bentu and also the winner of Manufacturer of the Year Xu Gang attended the conference and delivered their speeches. As old friends of The Arts Bridge, Annual Artist of the Year 2019 Bai Ming and Frankfurt Claudia, vice President of Kaiser were also present at the conference.



As Zhang Yibing, chairman of Guangxi Normal University Press Group, said at the press conference, "the brand communication and platform building process of the past three years is not only a practice of cultural enterprises fulfilling their responsibilities and missions, but also a exploration of industrial transformation and upgrading of the publishing group." After two successful overseas acquisitions, Guangxi Normal University Press Group has opened the door of international brand development through The Arts Bridge project and built a transnational publishing platform with a leading global industrial chain in China. Bearing the responsibility of the enterprise, based on the powerful publishing business and innovation mechanism of Guangxi Normal University Press, The Arts Bridge project has accurately grasp the demand of the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, advanced the construction of international communication ability, helped a batch of China's outstanding artists and designers successfully go into the international public view. They are telling the world Chinese stories through their books, works, opinions and charm of personalities.


"Going Global of Chinese culture" depends on international communication, especially accurate and effective international communication. The project The Arts Bridge is the strong support of Guangxi Normal University Press group's industrial layout at home and abroad. Guangxi Normal University Press, now has overseas companies in Singapore, Australia, Britain, the United States, and has set editing and distribution team in Melbourne, London, New York and Singapore. That’s why you can always find the figure of The Arts Bridge on every big international book fair among European and American mainstream cultures. The Arts Bridge has never failed to bring surprises to global audiences in booth design, high-tech application and exchange activities between Chinese and foreign artists.


Openness is the core of The Arts Bridge. This is not only a stage for the Chinese and foreign artists, designers, but also an open platform for the national cultural resources to gather together. The Art Bridge is devoted to break the trade barriers and fill the gap of communication, behind which is the support of open-mindedness and cultural confidence, and also the driving force of innovation mechanism brings. In the future, Guangxi Normal University Press will join hands with more excellent artists and designers at home and abroad to gather high-quality resources, sustain international communication, and spread excellent Chinese culture in a richer and more comprehensive form.